In 2001 the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory moved site from the town centre "New Museums" site, steeped in history, to a brand new building in west Cambridge. The security group PhD students who before fitted in a single cramped room -- TG1 -- had a whole corridor. During the move Mike noticed that the systems research group brought their cultural baggage with them... the "Atlas" and "Trojan" rooms, born in an age when building a computer was a grand project worthy of a grand title. These newly transplated room names initially seemed rather awkward in the anonymity and uniformity of a brand new building.

The year after moving to the new building, Mike decided to see if he could create some artificial security group heritage by naming his own office, GE20, quite arbitrarily "The War Room" (with the portrayal of this room in Dr. Strangelove in mind). As the security group had at the time one of the higher profile media presences of the CL research groups, it was not uncommon for a buzz to permeate the corridor when a story was breaking, and "The War Room" developed into the hub for such activity.

Today, the physical War Room is slowly sinking back into anonymity as the waves of students come and go. This website embodies a virtual presence for the room, beyond the reaches of bureaucracy, and serves as a "staging post" for those loosely or directly connected to the security group, and for those who fondly remember working on the projects of the day in and around the room.

Mike Bond
9th October 2007